Bulletproof Bikini (Rebel LaRoux #2)

Bulletproof Bikini (Rebel LaRoux #2)

[This story is about 10,000+ words or 45 minutes reading time. Following in the style of Florida fiction humor writers like Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey, John Parrot fills the gap between releases from these long form novelists with bite-sized bursts of tropical entertainment.]

Periennelly suspended FBI agent, Rebel LaRoux, returns in his second adventure, Bulletproof Bikini.

Following the events of Anarchy on A1A (Rebel LaRoux #1), Rebel finds himself suspended without pay and working as a process server to make ends meet. Recovering at the Blue Coconut after a divorce delivery goes badly, he is propelled into action again, this time at the behest of gargantuan Key West gangster, Momo Bigelow, who has taken Rebel’s friend and favorite Ukrainian mail-order bride turned Rastafarian Uber driver as hostage. He threatens to kill her unless Rebel can locate and retrieve a stolen gold bar from Cuba in three days.

That’s a tall order for most human beings but not a 6’ 8” former pro basketball player like Rebel LaRoux. Can he find the gold, save the girl, and live happily ever after? Well, as Meatloaf says, two out of three ain’t bad.

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